Start being CO

I went to a roundtable at Barcelona Activa on November 27th where many influencers  told us about collaboration and new ways of job search, self and paid employment. They explained their experience with their attitude 2.0: the culture of “co”: collaborate, cooperate, share, copete, coworking, creating synergies and working projects, being part of a whole.

Just the opposite of what was once told us, “information is power, don’t share”. I liked how they called: dinosaur mentality and they are right because this mentality, in which he/she has only stood out dinosaur, doesn’t fit to talk among us and have conversations to promote collective intelligence.

Things are always as taught or how one wants them. These two buildings that illustrate the post are in a business area of Barcelona, where many people go to work every day, placing each one in his/her position and it is sure most of them don’t talk with anyone. How many people can work inside only 2 buildings? How many missed opportunities? And precisely these 2 rare buildings that emerge there, depending on where you take the picture seems even curve, they want out of their individuality, approach and exchange messages with each other and start being CO.


13 thoughts on “Start being CO

  1. […] I start my blog on wordpress to express my concerns and share them with anyone to whom it may be interest. Have a section where you can find more information about me, subscribe if you want to receive updates and of course you can share the post if you like and start being CO😉 […]


  2. […] The protocol goes beyond knowing how to be in each moment and the rules of politeness. It is in combination rules, guidelines, tools of communication in reception or event organization, and of use and functioning of equipment and work system. Each company and department has its own protocol of action, which is necessary to establish, spread and explain from the first day to carry out daily work. In this way, all people will be involved, it will get built team and it will get contributed CO attitude. […]


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