Yes, please, give me your twitter address

The post Put your twitter account on your corporate card … or not by @Ricardponspes on @soymimarca invited us to think over whether it is convenient or not to include our twitter account on corporate cards.

I express my gratitude for 4 reasons I agree to facilitate:

  1. You can mention a person or firm specific just writing his/her/its twitter address, as in the first paragraph.
  2. We use to be up to date with people and companies that interest us.
  3. You can access from twitter to any shared link.
  4. It can be helpful as icebreaker to start a conversation.

As recommended provide your personal 2.0 information when you are looking for an employment or self-employed, you should also be included at the corporate level. Anyway companies are made by people who make the difference contributing their personal value to the corporation.


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