Managing conference rooms

Before convening a meeting or conference we must ensure the availability of space. One method I like more is to use calendar email. It has numerous advantages:

  1. Possibility to open a schedule for each of the rooms where we see the availability according to schedule.
  2. Possibility to reserve rooms without informing attendees by email.
  3. Create recurring meetings in case they are monthly, biweekly, once 6 weeks …
  4. Once chosen the date, time and room, we can send convene a meeting to the different members.
  5. We can attach the agenda or any other information.
  6. The participant can accept, reject or even propose a new date.
  7. The call is set on the calendars of attendee and it is synchronized with mobiles.
  8. If this is the first time someone comes, you can include the exact address, providing a map to see on mobile, including reference sites and especially parking.

And remember, before sending the call a meeting, think about whether it is necessary to do a meeting or conference.


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